Food Forests

Recruiting Entrepreneurs

Motivated & skilled food foresters

Recruiting motivated and skilled entrepreneurs that manage the site is the base of every food forest. In most of our cases, the core team fluctuated and reformed during the initial planning and implementation stage.

After initiating the Food Forest Co-op in Phoenix, the entrepreneurial team reduced from 5 to 3 members, as 2 members were not interested and committed in working in an entrepreneurial way (documenting, planning, etc.). Over the course of a few months, 2 new members came on board: One through a training program on cooperative business, the other by being affiliated with the project as an ASU student. Being 5 members, the team was able to incorporate in August 2022.

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Incorporation as a Co-op, Source: FFC Phx on Instagram Post, August 9th 2022

In Rehfelde, the food forest team grew to around 10 people in the first year, and then reduced to 4 members in the 2nd year. At this size, they felt more agile and able to make decisions. Ramos is the initiator and a prominint face of the food forest.

At Acrosanti, some of the earlier members that helped develop the site plan had withdrawn, and a smaller team of 2 leaders – David and Casey – supported by volunteers, manages the site.

At Hof an den Teichen, the general farm team is already established and fluid in jumping in to relevant tasks. Two of its members have shown more interest in becoming forest farmers, however, hesitation exists due to lack of relevant skills and experiences. Currently, Agnes Friedel, who co-initiated the site, manages the site with the help of volunteers.

This chapter provides a basic outline of key skills for forest farmers, and dives deeper into what entrepreneurial skills mean. Recruitment strategies will be address partially as well. Furthermore, another social success factor is presented here: Networking & mobilizing support.

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